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About Us

Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer

Our Mission


The days of creators belonging to companies are fading,
and freelancers and parallel workers are rapidly increasing.

This is especially true outside of Japan,
and I predict that it will become commonplace for companies to cross national borders to work on projects.


The mobility of human resources will continue to increase,
and the mobility of high-level personnel from large corporations
and major production companies will become more serious.

It is predicted that by 2024, there will be a complete shortage of talented engineers and creators in Japan,
and the demand will increase outside of Japan.

Our Purpose

We aim to make the big world a small world through creativity.

Through creativity, we aim to turn the big world into a small world.


In the past, we had to find a compromise between quality
and quantity, or between high quality and high cost.

But what is wrong with pursuing the highest quality?

In order to progress projects in the most multifaceted
and comprehensive way, we have developed a platform concept
that connects top-class creators, people,
and companies around the world.


By placing an order with just one click,
and having us intervene as a director.

We take the complexity and worry out of the project process.


CREW, selected from 2% of the total by our own network,
is a company that provides payment services.


Our Story

After graduating from high school, I moved to the United States by myself and worked in Hollywood in the film industry.

After that, I worked in public relations strategy, including branding, and returned to Japan in 2017.


What I felt greatly from my experience was that Japanese services and products could be more inventive in how they are "presented".

When asked about this, most of the answers were, "I would like to do it someday," or "I don't have the budget.


I believe that no matter how good a chair is, if it is not presented in the right way, it will not sell.

I want to maximize the know-how and connections I have cultivated so far and build a top class creator platform "SIRCREW".


This circle is characterized by the fact that only the top of the top with outstanding skills and experience can register under a rigorous independent screening process.


We will embody the phrase, "Creativity knows no borders.


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inquiries or business proposals

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